Freelance and contract web developer and data analyst, experienced with developing software tools and carrying out research and analysis using Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and R.


  • Python - Flask, Django, Scrapy.
  • PHP - Wordpress, Resourcespace, Opencart, Magento, Perch.
  • Front end - HTML, CSS, Javascript (including jQuery).
  • Linux - Server administration, bash scripting, git.
  • Data analysis - Jupyter, Pandas, R, R Markdown, SQL, Google Analytics.

  • Recent projects

    • Writing a custom data extractor for ASEN, extracting text from MS Word documents into a properly organised database (Python).
    • At ZSL I worked on the Zoological Projects web app and database (an Ajax site with a PHP and MySQL backend), and on improving the ticketing system (written in ASP.NET).
    • Economywide, a tool for jobseekers, policymakers and journalists to get better information about employment and the economy (Python with Django).
    • Energy Map, a visualisation of the world's electricity production system (Python with Flask and a data feed using SPARQL).
    • Creating promotional sites for National Geographic at Motherlode Media, and created a digital asset migration tool for 90,000 digital assets (PHP with Perch and Resourcespace).
    • Helping ReWorKs UK to attract new customers and improve their engagement with current ones by implementing a new ecommerce framework with custom modules (PHP with Opencart).
    • Creating and customising several health related websites for Messagewright, including Cancer Prevention Society and Policy from Science (PHP with Wordpress).