Who I am

I'm a web developer and analyst, working on presentation and analysis of interesting data. Currently working at ZSL.

What I can do

Development wise, I use the LAMP stack – linux, apache, mysql, python / php), and also work in Javascript & jQuery, HTML and CSS for front-end development. I use frameworks like flask, django, perch, resourcespace, wordpress CMS, and opencart to build and customise robust and maintainable sites. All my projects use git for source control.

On the analytics front, google analytics is my main tool. I construct pictures of who a site's users are and what they do, to glean insights about how to improve their experience and find them what they need.

What I'm working on

At ZSL I work on the Zoological Projects web app and database, and on improving the ticketing system. Currently also working on Economywide, a tool for jobseekers, policymakers and journalists to get better information about employment and the economy. Building a network of print-on-demand stores for Motherlode Media. Also exploring a visualisation of the world's electricity production system.

What I've done recently

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  • Part of the team at Motherlode Media creating promotional sites for National Geographic.
  • Helped Intatex to attract new customers and improve their engagement with current ones by implementing a new ecommerce framework with custom modules.
    • I moved the site linked to above from an outdated custom built PHP system to opencart, to improve the flow of the site and help SEO. I wrote several custom modules to sync product data between this new site and other sites owned by the business. I also developed an email system for another site to message customers relevant messages at appropriate points in the customer journey, and a discount manager to enable the site admins to apply discounts to individual products and customers on an ad hoc basis.
  • Created a digital asset migration tool for Motherlode Media ( > 90,000 digital assets).
    • Existing digital asset management software was a custom build that was difficult to maintain. It contained over 100,000 images and had no export functionality, so Motherlode Media asked me to develop a migration tool that could be used to migrate this and other systems, e.g. Filemaker, to resourcespace so they could migrate other applications the same way.
    • I developed a PHP application to extract the files and metadata from the existing system, convert them into the right format, and insert them into resourcespace.
  • Created a custom gallery scroller wordpress plugin for Webholism.
    • I customised an existing jQuery plugin to add functionality including infinite scroll, support for different media types, improved cross-browser compatibility and an admin screen written in PHP.
  • Created and customised several health related websites for Messagewright, including Cancer Prevention Society and Policy from Science.

Other things I do

I'm one of the directors of the London Biohackspace, a group at the London Hackspace supporting public involvement in molecular biology.